Welcome 2.0

Last July I started this blog. I thought to myself “James, this is it. This is the year you do it.” …boy, was I wrong. July 2017 was supposed to start 2 goals I’ve always wanted to accomplish.

1. Regular blogging.

2. Starting the journey to my CCNA

Did I do these things? No. Am I ashamed of myself? Yes. Do you care? Probably not.

Truth is, only 2 months after starting this blog I changed jobs and earned myself the official title “Systems Engineer” swanky, I know. When this happened my entire thought process changed and shifted into this role. Now that I’m in said role and sort of know what I’m doing I figured it was about damn time I made my two goals a reality.

You see, my wife is quite the accomplished author AND blogger… (… this is called an ellipsis, I learned that from her) I’m really proud of her. She is what drove me to do this and really do it this time. When I see her succeed at something it reminds me that anything is possible if you really drive for it. She does this in her blog and books. She’s awesome. Check her blog out here.

Alas, this post must end but fear not as it’s only the post. Today is February 1st 2018. I’m planning these every month or maybe even more. I hope you stick around as I do.



Welcome to my slice of the internet. I’ll start of by saying that if you’re reading this, I thank you. I started this blog to share in my journey of “network enlightenment” yeah yeah, we’ll call it that.

This is really just a way for me to share in my experience with obtaining the Cisco CCNA R+S Certification. Something I’ve wanted to do for years but never really got around to it. See, I’m 33 and you might think “damn James that’s pretty old to just now go for your CCNA” (my names James btw) and to you I would say “sure, but so?” Does it really have any barring on me becoming a great network engineer? I don’t think so and if anything maybe getting this at an older age I’ll appreciate it more. Hell it might even help, seeing as I already have an 11 year technology background.

But alas, I digress. I hope too keep this blog going as an outlet to share what I’ve learned and in turn share with others so they may one day share with someone else. I hope you stick around and enjoy and learn with me. Let’s all enjoy the ride.

~ James